Friday, May 26, 2017


Thanks to Auto-hemotherapy she did not go blind

before - later

Natália Furtado published on the Group: Auto-hemotherapy - My blood heals me.

I'm 30 years old, I'm from the city of Mauá, São Paulo. I contracted an uveitis in the left eye (inflammation of the uvea) in April of this year. I was treated in the best hospitals, I did all the tests that could diagnose the cause, but they gave no reagents. In less than a week I lost 80 percent of vision.

The doctors came in with heavy drugs, and within 45 days no effect appeared, on the contrary, the lesions had already affected my macula.

That was when I no longer had hope, I was introduced to the couple Nadja and Fernando, and started my auto-hemotherapy treatment.

The first 8 applications were made of 20 ml, 10 in each gluteus. Now I'm making 10 ml.
Today I am in the eleventh application, and MY VISION RETURNED 65 percent, and the last measurement was made approximately 20 days, I believe that much more is yet to come.

I am eternally grateful to this couple that God put in my way.

Thanks to Hemotherapy today I'm not blind.


The defenders of the Auto-hemotherapy thank Natália and Nadja, for the authorization, to disclosure this testimony.

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