Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Autohemotherapy in the treatment of Hepatic Cirrhosis, Toxic Dermatosis and Urticarial Lesions

Improvement of the symptoms of cirrhosis by auto-hemotherapy

This is another case studied by Professor Telma Geovanini in the Program of the Research Group about Auto-hemotherapy of UNIPAC. The history photographic record show the evolution of improvement of the symptoms, observed and narrated by the patient, during the treatment. In this program a number of other cases have also been studied, and are available through of videos on Youtube. Hope to publish soon on the blog.

MFFM 31 years old treated with Auto-hemotherapy

Patient of the Program of the Research Group about Auto-hemotherapy of UNIPAC


MFFM 31 years old
diagnosis: hepatic cirrhosis
toxic dermatose
urticarial lesions
all over the body
noticeable improvement with 8 applications of

31 years 
diagnosis: hepatic cirrhosis 
main complaint: 
with erythema all over the body
Well, when I arrived at UNIPAC 
to have the Auto-hemotherapy treatment
I was in a sort of critical state
with a lot of anxiety 
my body was irritated
with spots all over
my skin was all horrible 
when I started the treament
I already noticed an improvement at the second application
the treatment is done in a very simple way
no medicine is used
it is just like a little injection 
a soft injection,
it doesn’t' cause any bruises
it doesn't result in necrosis 
it is a very simple treatment 
and it produces a result
I particularly have been noticing 
a significant improvement 
a very good treatment in deed
I advise those with problems to have this treatment
it is a treatment of great success 
at least in my case it has been
I already had eight injections
my body is already practically
cured from the necrosis I had 
from the dermitis 
skin erythema
I am very pleased with the treatment 
Thank you



8 applications

visible improvement after 8 applications of Auto-hemotherapy


* The report and photos were provided by Professor Telma Geovanini.

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