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MGSS notable improvement of psoriasis with auto-hemotherapy. UNIPAC Patient

Improvement of psoriasis by Auto-hemotherapy

This case was the object of the Study - Use of Autohemotherapy as a Coadjuvant Factor in the Treatment of Vulgar Psoriasis, authored by GEOVANINI, Telma and MATOS, Talita, and that will be published in this blog in the Publications section. The case began to be studied in UNIPAC, by the Master in Nursing, Professor Telma Geovanini. His history and photographic record prove the effectiveness of auto-hemotherapy in autoimmune diseases, as described in the interview - Auto-Hemotherapy. Contribution to Health. Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura.

Patient of the Program of the Research Group about Auto-hemotherapy of UNIPAC


MGSS, 59 years old
diagnosis: Vulgar Psoriasis (aggressive)
Patient from the UNIPAC Research Program on Auto-hemotherapy
Faculty of Nursing
Coordinator: Telma Geoavanini, Master of Science in Nursing.
President Antonio Carlos University
city: Juiz de Fora, state: Minas Gerais, Brazil

My name is MGSS
I have been diagnosed with vulgar psoriasis
I already had 20 applications
Here are my arms
They have improved 100%
And there are no lesions left.
I ask the authorities (in Brazil)
to try to solve the problem that auto-hemotherapy has been forbidden as soon as possible,
so that other people can also improve as much as I have.
I also thank the nursing team
which is collaborating with us.


In December, 2007, some misinformed representatives of some Health Authorities in Brazil have suggested that the practice of the Auto-hemotherapy should be forbidden, and so research using human beings in this country, by alleging there are health risks and there is lack of scientific basis that show how effective the therapy is.
Many cases of successful cures, both in Human Medicine and Veterinary, deny these absurd allegations. For this reason, defenders of these therapy in Brazil ask for help from Countries abroad, Human Rights and Health International Organizations, and also Researchers Worldwide.



6 applications

13 applications

20 applications


* The report and photos were provided by Professor Telma Geovanini

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