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José Luiz Dutra was cured from Crohn's with Autohemotherapy in six months

Auto-hemotherapy cures Crohn's disease

After 10 years suffering from Crohn's disease, Mr. José Dutra had 24 auto-hemotherapy applications and was cured. He sent us his video testimony along with the colonoscopies. Read his story, and watch him narrating his experience. This is undoubtedly one of many proofs of the efficacy of Autohemotherapy (AHT).


José Luiz Dutra

Cured from Crohn's disease with Auto-hemotherapy

My name is Jose Luiz Dutra,
I am now 77 years old and live in
the city of Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil.

Crohn's disease is considered incurable
and is characterised by a bowel ulcer,
great discomfort of the intestinal flow,
weight loss and negative psychological effects.

For over 10 years, I was suffering from this disease,
taking traditional medicines,
such as azulfim, mesacol, etc,
without any improvement and having colonoscopies every year.

In 2007, I learned about auto-hemotherapy
from Dr. Luiz Moura's video,
soon after a colonoscopie that showed my disease was stationary.

My father practiced Auto-hemotherapy at his old drugstore for many years,
to treat furunculosis, acnes and wounds.

Penicillin or sulpha didn't exist until 1945 
and the treatment of these diseases was done with Auto-hemotherapy.
There has never been any case of rejection, allergicor infectious reaction in the applications he did.

In 2008 I had Auto-hemotherapy for 6 months,
with weekly injections of 10ml into the muscle,
making up a total of 24 applications.

The result obtained was a complete cicatrization of the ulcers,
disappearance of polyps as proven by a colonoscopie,
improvement to the intestinal tract,
weight gain and general disposition.
These were the results obtained.

There are millions of people with autoimune diseases suffering the same as I did.
I ask you to make my testimony available to everyone.
God bless you, from your friend
José Luiz Dutra


José Luiz Dutra
Paulo Magalhães

The testimony with the reports was sent to my e-mail by José Luiz Dutra.

* English Translation: Luiz Grasso

Original text:


2007 colonoscopy with the disease

Colonoscopy of José Dutra before Auto-hemotherapy

2008 colonoscopy after 24 applications of Auto-hemotherapy without the disease

Proof of Crohn's cure by auto-hemotherapy