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Mr. Mario Ramos Moreira, 76, started auto-hemotherapy in 1956, under the guidance of Dr. Hermínio de Macedo, who prescribed and also made the AHT applications.

This testimony was posted on the Medical Guidelines website.

Mario Ramos Moreira, 76 years old - city: Iguaba Grande, state: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Website: Medical advice:
Friday, 6th February 2009 - 10:19:00 am
I am in favour, so much so that I have been using auto-hemotherapy for over 53 years, to be more precise from 1956, when, due to several clinical complications, I had a lowering of my immune defences. I then resorted to a famous doctor in the military, former Dr. Herminio de Macedo, who prescribed and applied to me this alternative treatment that re-establishes the immune system, by raising the white blood cells from its normal rate of 5% to 22%, which is a rate stimulated by the application of auto-hemotherapy, without any after effects, since the patient's own blood is injected into the muscle, and it works as a foreign body in the organism and boosts the reticulo-endothelial system, and as a result this clears any other endogenous bodies hosted in our organism, for a variable amount of time, according to the dosage and duration of the treatment! This is a procedure already recognised in Veterinary Medicine, for the excellent results obtained in Jockeys Clubs, both in London and Brazil, in breeding farms and pet clinics. Those who close their minds to research and study of the auto-hemotherapy reveal their ill will and they are against it for obvious reasons. I am 76, healthy and strong! Is this enough to convince? I don't take drugs, I don't smoke, anything that could interfere in the action of the auto-hemotherapy, not that it is forbidden, but it was my own decision, for the best benefit and result from this treatment!

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About the prohibition mentioned in the text

  • No Brazilian law prohibits the use of the auto-hemotherapy.
  • It should be noted that the ban is only formalized for health professionals by their class councils.

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Ronaldo Brandao cured from rheumatic fever with Auto-hemotherapy

Dr. Luiz Moura's patient was cured from rheumatic fever with auto-hemotherapy

Ronaldo Brandao
I was born in the city of Petropolis
state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I have lived for many years in Rio de Janeiro,
And I was 8 to 9 years old, I had an acute polyarticular rheumatism,
which today is known as rheumatic fever.
My doctor at that time, and for a long time
was Dr Luiz Moura.
I met him when he was a surgeon at the former IAPTEC
which today belongs to the INSS (National Health Service).
Well, returning to the acute polyarticular rheumatism,
I was treated with Quetacil, a drug from the Andromaco laboratory,
and with Benzetacil from the Fontoura White laboratory
until I was 12.
Then the symptoms of the disease didn't subside anymore,
and from the age of 12,
I started to have Auto-hemotherapy
until I was 15.
Now I am 63 and I no longer have any symptoms.


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I received by the WhatsApp the message from Edivas, at the suggestion of the nurse - Ida Zaslavsky.


He reported that he was cured of psoriasis by auto-hemotherapy. For 11 years he made several treatments, but with little or no improvement. He used corticosteroids for more than a decade, until he knew about auto-hemotherapy.

Edivas's sister, a friend of a lady, also a carrier of psoriasis, and the wife of an important jurist in her state, told her about AHT after learning that her brother Edivas had been suffering from psoriasis for more than 11 years. And it was she who made the first 3 applications in it.

Already in the first year of auto-hemotherapy, he was cured of psoriasis. And he's been cured for 7 years.


The treatment with auto-hemotherapy was done in the following way, as he counts in his messages:

  • In less than 2 months I was already with 99% of my body without blemishes,
  • I started with 5 ml after about 3 months I increased to 10 ml,
  • And I continue to do AHT until today,
  • These (photos) are those with psoriasis,
  • These are after treatment with auto hemotherapy. I was literally healed. I had this disease for 11 years in my body and I have been over 7 years since I was cured of it doing auto hemotherapy.
  • I even get emotional when I see these photos of the time,
  • You can put my full name if you want. I'd love to be able to help other people get rid of this damn disease.


After receiving the messages with the photos, we talked on the phone, and he told me that he got other benefits from Auto-hemotherapy. He was cured from acne that he had since adolescence and never had the flu.

When he told me that he resided in the capital, I told him about a testimony from a dentist, which I had read a few years ago on the AHT HEMOTERAPIA website. And Edivas told me that he knew him, and said that he had serious respiratory problems. And also that it was through him that Dr. Havilo met the AHT. (The transcript of the report is below, after the photos).

Edivas is 36 years old. He is a professor at the Public Network in Boa Vista, Roraima. And he authorized the disclosure of the testimony, to help Auto-hemotherapy, and also to other people who are suffering from the same evil.


This could be considered an exceptional case, which escapes the rule, since the cure occurred very quickly. For most cases the period is longer. Dr. Luiz Moura recounts cases that took more than a year, until the benefits were observed. Once, Mrs. Janilda Queiroz, Dr. Moura's secretary for more than 2 decades, commented on a post, according to the message below that I received from Facebook:

Hello Autohemoterapia,

Janilda Queiroz (*) commented on your link.

Janilda wrote: "People have to be aware that AHT is not a treatment with immediate results, but in the long term, even people with 2 or 3 applications already feel better and others take longer. Of every organism. Now, that has efficacy, it has."

Please reply to this email to comment on this link.
The Facebook Team

* Mrs. Janilda is the secretary of Dr. Luiz Moura






Monday, September 17, 2012 - 22:22:32

Selected diseases

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Heartburn
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthmatic bronchitis
  • Migraine
  • Gastritis
  • Glaucoma

When there was no hope anymore....

I considered myself a chronic asthma patient since I was 16 years old when I got a bad flu and never was the same for 25 years with post-flu, two pneumonia, one in 98 and another in 2000 .... Exorbitant expenses with medications and pneumological treatments without cure, only with apparent improvement of the symptoms .. in March 2012, after a change of residence ... cleaning, books, mites ... finally, I made a crisis that I consider almost fatal today, where I spent a whole month sleeping sitting in a net because it did not breathe more normal ... medicines no longer had effect ... berotec, miflasona, flow, nebulizer, brondilat ... nothing else worked .. a friend presented me the treatment ... I already do on Saturdays since April 20, 2012, and thanks to God and hemo I am happy ... I do not use any of these medicines anymore ... when I chill I even laugh, which I did not do .. I cried when I had a cold, because it would surely be almost a month suffering and crisis. There is no question ... it works ... I am a Dentist and teacher and I indicate to my patients at the time of anamnesis, since most of them present some type of pathology and I believe that we must multiply the treatment of heme , Even more that I do and I improved, if not say cure of asthma ... I have glaucoma too and I felt improvement in more than 70% ... but I did not stop using my eye drops brimonidine tartrate ... I recommend to everyone that suffers disease and pocket sequelae...




Remember that against facts and photos there are no arguments!


Do your part by disclosing your testimony. Many people have already done. Disclose your reports, photos, exams and other documents, clearly showing that auto-hemotherapy is effective and very beneficial.


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Akita Inu cured by Auto-hemotherapy

Use of Autohemotherapy in Veterinary Medicine

Autohemotherapy has NO placebo effect
Another success case of Autohemotherapy

Documentary images of my playboy Akita Inu, 8 years old, who suffered from a dermatological disease of these dogs, since they are cold (Himalayan). His mother died without one hair in the body. These images prove to those who want to see for themselves the effects of the Auto-hemotherapy (Aht).
Telma Geovanini
Nurse and Master in Nursing  - EEAP - UNIRIO
Specialist in Nursing Research and Assistance - UNIRIO
Specialist in Pediatric Nursing - UFRJ
Specialist in Medicinal Plants - UFLA-MG
Coordinator and professor of the Nursing Course of UNIPAC-JFJuiz de Fora-Minas Gerai

Akita Inu - 8 years

AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY TREATMENT - 10 ml every 15 days


Beginning: 06-13-07

4th application: 07-20-07

6th application: 08-07-07

8th application: 09-26-07



Beginning: 06-13-07

4th application: 07-20-07

6th application: 09-07-07



10 ml - 15 in 15 days

Telma GeovaniniMaster in Nursing
Researcher of Autohemotherapy

* The report and photos were provided by Professor Telma Geovanini

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MGSS notable improvement of psoriasis with auto-hemotherapy. UNIPAC Patient

Improvement of psoriasis by Auto-hemotherapy

This case was the object of the Study - Use of Autohemotherapy as a Coadjuvant Factor in the Treatment of Vulgar Psoriasis, authored by GEOVANINI, Telma and MATOS, Talita, and that will be published in this blog in the Publications section. The case began to be studied in UNIPAC, by the Master in Nursing, Professor Telma Geovanini. His history and photographic record prove the effectiveness of auto-hemotherapy in autoimmune diseases, as described in the interview - Auto-Hemotherapy. Contribution to Health. Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura.

Patient of the Program of the Research Group about Auto-hemotherapy of UNIPAC


MGSS, 59 years old
diagnosis: Vulgar Psoriasis (aggressive)
Patient from the UNIPAC Research Program on Auto-hemotherapy
Faculty of Nursing
Coordinator: Telma Geoavanini, Master of Science in Nursing.
President Antonio Carlos University
city: Juiz de Fora, state: Minas Gerais, Brazil

My name is MGSS
I have been diagnosed with vulgar psoriasis
I already had 20 applications
Here are my arms
They have improved 100%
And there are no lesions left.
I ask the authorities (in Brazil)
to try to solve the problem that auto-hemotherapy has been forbidden as soon as possible,
so that other people can also improve as much as I have.
I also thank the nursing team
which is collaborating with us.


In December, 2007, some misinformed representatives of some Health Authorities in Brazil have suggested that the practice of the Auto-hemotherapy should be forbidden, and so research using human beings in this country, by alleging there are health risks and there is lack of scientific basis that show how effective the therapy is.
Many cases of successful cures, both in Human Medicine and Veterinary, deny these absurd allegations. For this reason, defenders of these therapy in Brazil ask for help from Countries abroad, Human Rights and Health International Organizations, and also Researchers Worldwide.



6 applications

13 applications

20 applications


* The report and photos were provided by Professor Telma Geovanini

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Autohemotherapy in the treatment of Hepatic Cirrhosis, Toxic Dermatosis and Urticarial Lesions

Improvement of the symptoms of cirrhosis by auto-hemotherapy

This is another case studied by Professor Telma Geovanini in the Program of the Research Group about Auto-hemotherapy of UNIPAC. The history photographic record show the evolution of improvement of the symptoms, observed and narrated by the patient, during the treatment. In this program a number of other cases have also been studied, and are available through of videos on Youtube. Hope to publish soon on the blog.

MFFM 31 years old treated with Auto-hemotherapy

Patient of the Program of the Research Group about Auto-hemotherapy of UNIPAC


MFFM 31 years old
diagnosis: hepatic cirrhosis
toxic dermatose
urticarial lesions
all over the body
noticeable improvement with 8 applications of

31 years 
diagnosis: hepatic cirrhosis 
main complaint: 
with erythema all over the body
Well, when I arrived at UNIPAC 
to have the Auto-hemotherapy treatment
I was in a sort of critical state
with a lot of anxiety 
my body was irritated
with spots all over
my skin was all horrible 
when I started the treament
I already noticed an improvement at the second application
the treatment is done in a very simple way
no medicine is used
it is just like a little injection 
a soft injection,
it doesn’t' cause any bruises
it doesn't result in necrosis 
it is a very simple treatment 
and it produces a result
I particularly have been noticing 
a significant improvement 
a very good treatment in deed
I advise those with problems to have this treatment
it is a treatment of great success 
at least in my case it has been
I already had eight injections
my body is already practically
cured from the necrosis I had 
from the dermitis 
skin erythema
I am very pleased with the treatment 
Thank you



8 applications

visible improvement after 8 applications of Auto-hemotherapy


* The report and photos were provided by Professor Telma Geovanini.

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