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Autohemotherapy cured infection in the foot. (perforating plantar disease)


because I believe I trust I am test Live  that Autothermotherapy is the best treatment option.     

Publication of the testimony in the Group: Hemotérapia, The Blood that Heals I do:

Autohemotherapy cured infection in the foot. (perforating plantar disease)

This photographic record was published in the Group: Hemotérapia, O Sangue que Cura eu Faço!

Daia Zebini Diamantina said that was cured by the self-blood therapy, making applications with 10 ml, from 7 in 7 days.

I have neuropathy, arthritis, osteoarthritis, bulging, thyroid, and since I started doing autohemo, everything changed, so as you can see in the images.

She also said she was in danger of losing the foot and her leg, because the infection was spreading too. She also reported that is taking magnesium chloride daily.

Daia commented the video of the doctor Dr. Dayan Siebra in Fanpage: Auto-hemotherapy by Doctor Luiz Moura: 

Daia Zebini Diamantina I do 3 years! After a generalized infection in my left foot, I stepped on a piece of glass washing the yard, and after 1 week the doctors were meeting for the date of the amputation of my leg, since the infection was already rising and the middle and adrenaline r they were not solving! This is with 3 months of hospitalization. That's when the doctors decided to call the family and communicate that if I did not amputate I would die! In my worst moment with 32 years and with 2 children a boy of 15 years and the girl of 10 years. 

That's when I met an angel who came to visit me ... (I prefer not to mention who he is!) The first thing he asked was if I had faith ... With that situation I did not even know what I felt but I answered that Yes .... I had faith. 
That's where he introduced me to the wonderful hemotherapy! (I confess that at the beginning I was scared mass .. in that situation I was betting on TD) less losing my leg). 
Dai started my treatment (in the beginning he did it on me)! And then he trained me to do Myself.
Hj I am an adept in auto hemotherapy I do in my whole family! I did not amputate my leg! I'm fine, I do gym 5 days a week (the doctors said I could never do it), because my foot was rotting falling pieces of rotten flesh and nobody believed that I was going to get it. Bit of me experience! 
because I believe I trust I am test Live  that Autothermotherapy is the best treatment option.     


I asked for her authorization to publish the testimony on the blog, and she readily authorized by the messenger. 

Self-Hemotherapy by Doctor Luiz Moura 
Hello Daia Zebini Diamantina I remember your testimony. I saw your photos. And I even have them. If you authorize it, you could post them here on this page. Your testimony, and the photos, would greatly help reinforce the evidence of efficacy of autothermotherapy, and also help other people who do not yet know AHT. 

Daia Zebini Diamantina 
Hello! Yes you can! Send me these pictures I lost and I can not recover, if you can, please send me! 

Hi, Daia. 
I'll send you the photos here. 
I have a blog where I am putting together documented testimonials from AHT in 3 languages.
If you authorize me to post it too, there will be a testimony in 3 languages, and in all languages ​​of Google .. 
I make a post, with this text that you did in the video commentary, which was excellent. It will help many people around the world. 
Please take a look at the blog, it already has 200 posts.

Daia Zebini Diamantina 
Mto thank you 

Self-Hemotherapy by Doctor Luiz Moura 
Did you see the blog? 

Can I publish the testimony in it, too? 

Daia Zebini Diamantina 
Yes of course 

Self-Hemotherapy by Doctor Luiz Moura 
Thank you. God bless. 

Daia Zebini Diamantina 
Magina! Bbd you! God bless you too

Daia Authorization

Daia Authorization


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Autohemotherapy in canine atopic dermatitis (2017), College of Veterinary Science and A. H. Jabalpur, MP, India

after 4th dose of autohemotherapy the dog recovered completely

Autoimmune therapy in canine atopic dermatitis.

Author(s) : Gupta, D. K.; Amita Tiwari; Shukla, P. C.; Amrata Patel
Author Affiliation : Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Science and A. H. Jabalpur, MP, India.
Author Email :
Journal article : Environment and Ecology 2017 Vol.35 No.2A pp.845-847 ref.4
Abstract : In present study, an effort was made to diagnosis the case of CAD on the basis of clinical signs, hematological examination and treat it by autoimmune therapy. The study was conducted in a dog (18 month old male pug, weighing 9 kg) presented with the clinical symptoms of itching, erythema, alopecia, scratch marks, lichenification and hyperpigmentation. In suspicion of canine atopic dermatitis, routine hematology and differential leukocyte count was carried out in blood and results revealed eosinophilia. Other hematological parameters were unremarkable. Immediate treatment started with autohemotherapy (autologous blood collected from saphenus vein and immediately reinjected intramuscularly @ 1 ml/10 kg b wt, weekly interval). Initially the animal showed no recovery even after 2nd dose but after 3rd dose of auto-hemotherapy, signs of clinical recovery were observed and after 4th dose of autohemotherapy the dog recovered completely.
ISSN : 0970-0420
Record Number : 20173139050
Publisher : MKK Publication
Location of publication : Kolkata
Country of publication : India
Language of text : English
Language of summary : English


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2- The link can only be accessed through Google Academic.

3- Search on Google Academic by: Autoimmune therapy in canine atopic dermatitis and go to the page.


Autoimmune therapy in canine atopic dermatitis.

DK Gupta, T Amita, PC Shukla, P Amrata - Environment and Ecology, 2017 -
Abstract: In present study, an effort was made to diagnosis the case of CAD on the basis of
clinical signs, hematological examination and treat it by autoimmune therapy. The study was
conducted in a dog (18 month old male pug, weighing 9 kg) presented with the clinical
symptoms of itching, erythema, alopecia, scratch marks, lichenification and
hyperpigmentation. In suspicion of canine atopic dermatitis, routine hematology and ...

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A dog cured with Auto-hemotherapy and vibrational essences. MULT LANGUAGES CC

Auto-hemotherapy in veterinary (vibrational medicine)


The Vibrational essences are a group of substances obtained from essential floral, whose action exclusively Biophysics Act on mind-body harmonization, aims at the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, which cause the loss of vital energy and loss of Homeostasis. The report of clinical case of canine atopic Treaty with the essences has proved to be an effective method of unconventional therapy.

Key-word: Quantum medicine. Vibrational essences. Atopy. Dog.

The quantum leap of veterinary medicine. 

Daniela Franco Lopes. 
Veterinary Medical postgraduate degree in Homeopathy.  
Masters in Biomedical Engineering with emphasis in Homeopathy in Cancer. 
Responsible for then quantum treatement of the Veterinary Hospital Estima 
Scientific Consultant Injectcenter. 
Consultant Technical and scientific Zooquantic. 

Published in the Quantum Health Magazine. Volume 1. Number 1. January, December, 2012. 

Patient: Species Canis familiaris, 4 months, Cocker Spaniel, female. 
(The patient has Demodectic Mange since the first vaccination, his mother was a carrier of Sarna, had hip dysplasia, short stature, poor development. Worsening occurred after being vaccinated, where symptoms of alopecia, pruritus, formation of ulcers and eczema. A diet low in protein was used. All brother succumbed to the Immune disease). 
The autohemotherapy was used weekly for 3 months, then every two weeks for 3 months 

The autohemotherapy was one among other resources used in therapeutic treatment. 

See the full article of this Study, in the PDF file: 

READ PDF (in Portuguese)*gC0qSqwZ66Oq-6j*mJXVu2IPoZBdlZ-EzUGT6Xqz2/1153521PB.pdf

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A dog cured with Auto-hemotherapy and vibrational essences. MULT LANGUAGES CC

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Bom dia grupo eu faço a mais de 3 anos..tenho uma doenca rara epidermolise bolhosa onde minha pele é igual a um papel....lesoes por todo o corpo. Depois q comecei a hemo as lesões diminuiram muito, mas o resultado e lento. O que a hemo faz e aumentar a imunidade do nosso corpo..é preciso ter paciencia e nao podia ter filhos porque se nao iria nascer com essa doenca tb...fiz durante toda gestação, que foi tranquila e meu bb . nasceu perfeito sem a doença. Quando faco certinho toda semana nem gripada eu fico pq a imunidade ta alta. As vezes fica roxo mesmo doi o lugar. ..ja vi muita gente aqui reclamando disso mas e assim e mesmo
as vezes pega um vasinho e fica assim mas n e sempre. Continuem gente ao longo do tratamento os resultados vao aparecendo.Saude p todos nós.

Adapated via Google Translater

Luzimar Almeida published in the Group Auto-hemotherapy - My blood heals me, (Auto-hemoterapia - Meu sangue me cura).

Luzimar Almeida.

November 16, 2016.

Good morning group. I've been doing it for over 3 years. I have a rare disease, epidermolysis bullosa, where my skin is the same as a paper. Injuries throughout the body. After I started to heme, (auto-hemotherapy), the lesions decreased a lot, but the result is slow. What heme does is increase the immunity of our body. It takes patience and persistence. I could not have children, because otherwise he would be born with this disease as well. I did it all through the gestation, which was quiet. And my baby was born perfect without the disease. When I do it right, every week, I do not have the cold, because the immunity is high. Sometimes it gets purple and sore at the application site. I've seen a lot of people here complaining about it, but that's just the way it is. Sometimes it takes a vase and it stays that way, but it is not always. People continue, throughout the treatment the results are appearing. Health for all of us.


Posso publicar seu testemunho no blog? Estou juntando varios testemunhos documentados nele. Veja

Luzimar Almeida aceitou sua solicitação.
Luzimar Almeida
Olá boa noite...autorizo sim..


Epidermolysis bullosa

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a group of inherited connective tissue diseases that cause blisters in the skin and mucosal membranes, with an incidence of 20 per million newborns in the United States.[1] It is a result of a defect in anchoring between the epidermis and dermis, resulting in friction and skin fragility. Its severity ranges from mild to lethal.
The condition was brought to public attention in 2004 in the UK through the Channel 4 documentary The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, chronicling the life and death of Jonny Kennedy, an Englishman with EB.[2] In the United States, the same could be said of the HBO documentary My Flesh and Blood from 2003.[citation needed]
"Butterfly Children" is a term often used to describe younger patients (because the skin is said to be as fragile as a butterfly’s wings),[3] "Cotton Wool Babies",[4][5] or (in South America) as "Crystal Skin Children".[6]



Epidermolysis Bullosa can be

Treated with autohemotherapy

The case of the child Theo, son of Clara Colker and grandson of the choreographer Deborah Colker, who has Epidermolysis Bullosa could be treated with auto-hemotherapy. This can be proven in consultation with Dr. Luiz Moura, defender of this technique used for more than 100 years, with prominence in dermatology. It is a technique that has been illegally and arbitrarily prohibited by CFM - Federal Council of Medicine and Anvisa - National Sanitary Surveillance Agency since 2007, through an incomplete and biased opinion and Technical Note without such power.
The beneficial effect of auto-hemotherapy has already been reported in more than 100 diseases, but the Government and organs of medicine and pharmacy have no interest in promoting research in the area, since such proof in the form they require would hinder production and sale Of medicines. We are aware of the case of a patient of Dr. Moura with epidermolysis bullosa who presented improvements with the use of auto-hemotherapy.
As it is known, Auto-hemotherapy is a technique that combats and cures diseases with the withdrawal of blood from the vein and immediate application in the muscle. This therapy has been saving lives for over a hundred years. The technique has been disseminated by Dr. Luiz Moura, from Rio de Janeiro. Another great advocate, user and scholar of auto-hemotherapy is the nurse gaucha Ida Zaslavski, who made contact with the family suggesting its use in the child, since medicine offers no better alternative.
The nurse asks a great doubt: since it is a child, people imagine painful things with auto-hemotherapy. But she explains that it is not painful, and having a good emotional preparation helps a lot. He clarifies that the amount for children like Theo is small and that the application is like drawing blood for examination while the injection is like a vaccine. He also says that applications do not cause reactions or side effects. Ida Zaslavsky as a nurse is a therapist and for 20 years she has dedicated herself to autohemotherapy as an immune stimulus.
She knew the technique with Dr. Luiz Moura and takes it so seriously that the results of her work have been transformed into a book to spread and enlighten everyone on the subject. Ida remembers that the AHT has many positive results in the dermatological area. The use of auto-hemotherapy in dermatoses comes from so far that already in 1924 was presented in Porto, Portugal, a doctoral thesis on the subject. (Original thesis by Dr. Alberto Carlos David -
At least in general it is known that Dr. Luiz Moura recommends auto-hemotherapy in these cases, because it is an autoimmune disease. In the video-testimony by Ana Martinez and Luiz Fernando Sarmento, better known as Dr. Luiz Moura's DVD, she states that "In every disease that has an autoimmune origin - that is, it originates from a perversion of the Immune System, which attacks The body itself as if it were a foreign body - the use of auto-hemotherapy is valid. " (Transcript DVD text -