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Assuta - the largest private medical center in Israel makes treatment with Autohemotherapy

The conservative treatment of gynecological diseases at the Assuta Clinic in Israel includes Auto-hemotherapy.


Clinic ASUT

Assuta - Israel's largest private medical center treats with auto-hemotherapy.

Assuta has 1,500 highly qualified doctors. Each year, the center's specialists perform about 85,000 surgeries, and 650,000 diagnostic studies.

The main treatments in Israel gynecology

Asuta Tel Aviv hospital provides highly professional surgical and conservative treatment of diseases of the female genitalia.

Conservative treatment of gynecological diseases in clinic Assuta

Conservative treatment in gynecology Israel include:

4. Immunotherapy with antiserum vaccine. Applied autohemotherapy. The procedure of intramuscular injections to produce blood, which increases nonspecific immunity.


klinika ASUT
Assuta - najväčší v Izraeli, súkromné ​​zdravotné stredisko. Na klinike Assuta 1500 práce vysoko kvalifikovaných lekárov. Každý rok sa odborníci z centra vykonaný asi 85.000 ordinácií a 650.000 diagnostické štúdie.

Medzi hlavné spôsoby liecby v Izraeli gynekológii

Nemocnice Asuta Tel Aviv poskytuje vysoko profesionálne chirurgickú a konzervatívnu liecbu chorôb ženských genitálií.

Konzervatívna liecba gynekologických ochorení v klinike Assuta

Konzervatívna ošetrenie v gynekológii Izraeli patrí:

4. Imunoterapia s použitím vakcíny a antiséra. Autohaemotherapy aplikuje - postup intramuskulárnej injekcii do krvi, co zvyšuje nešpecifickú imunitu.

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Mariza Souza Lima commented on the AMIGOS DA CURA Group (Facebook):

  • I lived there for almost 12 years. All workers are deducted on the payroll a small amount in the health plan that they all own. And you have everything including surgery. A show. Both for Jews and Palestinians. And the health mindset is revolutionary! They also do ozone therapy.

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What is Auto-hemotherapy?

It is a technique to fight and cure diseases with the withdrawal of blood from the vein and immediate application in the muscle. This therapy has been saving lives for over a hundred years.

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Autohemotherapy improvement Guillain Barre syndrome within days.

Comments on the CIDINHA TRIX'S VIDEO (Maria Magalhães)

I come to give my personal testimony about autohemotherapy. On the last day 06/06/11 after an intestinal infection, was stricken with Guillain Barre Syndrome, serious illness that leaves you half-paralyzed and can evolve to death in days (ask at the internet), and since the first symptoms immediately applications made of 10 ml of 5 in 5 days, and just 20 days against me 60% recovered, leaving the medical surprised. Patients with this condition take on average two years to recover.


Read many users's autohemotherapy testimonials, that were cured from diseases transmitted by Aedes mosquito.


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