What is auto-hemotherapy?

What is auto-hemotherapy?

It is a technique that combats and cures diseases with the withdrawal of blood from the vein and immediate application to the muscle. This therapy has been saving lives for over a hundred years.

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Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura

(Dr. Moura used Autohemotherapy(AHT) since 1943)

What is auto-hemotherapy?

It is a simple technique where by drawing blood from a vein and injecting it into a muscle stimulates an increase of macrophages that are, let us say, the "municipal cleaning company" of the organism.

The macrophages carry out a cleansing of everything. They eliminate bacterias, viruses and cancerous cells which are called neoplasic cells. They do a spring-cleaning, and even eliminate the fibrin, which is clotted blood. The increase in the production of macrophages by the bone marrow occurs because the blood in the muscle works as a foreign body to be rejected by the Reticulo-endothelial System (RES). While there is blood in the muscle, the Reticulo-endothelial System is being activated. The maximum activation only finishes at the end of five days.

The normal rate of macrophages in the blood is 5% (five percent) and with the auto-hemotherapy, we raise this rate to 22% (twenty-two percent) during 5 (five) days. From the 5th (fifth) to the 7th (seventh) day, it starts to drop, because the blood in the muscle is coming to an end. And when it finishes the rate returns to 5% (five percent). This is the reason why the technique dictates the auto-hemotherapy should be repeated every 7 (seven) days.

This is the reason why auto-hemotherapy works. It is a very low cost method, needing only a syringe. It can be done anywhere because it doesn't depend even on a refrigerator - simply because the blood is drawn in the moment it is applied into the patient, nothing being required to be done to the blood. There is no technique applied to this blood, only a person who knows how to puncture a vein and apply an injection into a muscle with hygiene, and a syringe to draw the blood and apply it into the muscle, nothing else. This results in a very powerful immune stimulant.

Therefore, it is really a method that could be disseminated and used in regions without any resources, where people can't afford very expensive immune stimulants such as, for instance, those made from bone marrow. Medicines are made - I cannot say the name of this medicine, because I am not here to advertise. But it is a very expensive medicine used to produce the same effect as auto-hemotherapy. It is a fabricated lysate of veal thymus, and I can say this, it is a lysate of veal thymus. It has a commercial name, but in fact, the essence of the product is a lysate of veal thymus submitted to a digestive ferment that becomes a medicine. But it is very expensive, while auto-hemotherapy can produce the same effect at a very low cost. Therefore, it can be used by all levels of society without any problem, and this is its great advantage!

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