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Purpose of this blog

The bog Auto-hemotherapy aims to gather information from the vast material of therapy found on the internet.There are many articles, studies, publications, reports and documented cases that confirm the efficacy of the auto-hemotherapy.


This blog is intended for people who want to know the technique better. I intend in this space, just to provide information. For questions, debates and others, I recommend the forums, groups of discussions of the partner networks, whose addresses can be found in the links section.


There is agreement, albeit informal, between advocates of autohemotherapy, which allow the publication of content without the need for copyright. However I will always try to post along with the texts, the author’s authorization. I emphasize that since I started to divulge the Auto-hemotherapy in 2008, I have the authorization of the journalist and lawyer Walter Medeiros, to reproduce in full, texts of his own, where I deem convenient. I clarify that the purpose is to provide transparent and quality information. And if someone feels harmed for some reason, and wants to claim the withdrawal of some content, I kindly ask you to contact me via the Contact Form on the blog home page.


I’ve been doing auto-hemotherapy for 9 years, and with it I’ve been cured of a chronic furunculosis of 50 years. And in retribution, and for the sake of conscience, I began to divulge it.


I personally met the doctor from Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Luiz Moura, the greatest diffuser of auto-hemotherapy. And that has left us his vast experience of 73 years. I express and reiterate my eternal gratitude to Dr. Moura, and also to Luiz Fernando Sarmento and Ana Martinez, producers of the DVD – AutoHemotherapy. Contribution to Health. Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura.

Marcelo Fetha


Walter had previously made this authorization by email. But as it was a long time ago, and I have not even filed the previous email, I requested him and he resent the authorization promptly.

From: Walter Medeiros
To: Marcelo Fetha
Date: March 12, 2017 5:40 p.m.
Subject: RES: Authorization to publish your texts.

Dear Marcelo,
I reaffirm my authorization for you to reproduce and publish in the spaces that you maintain or create on the internet, all the texts of my authorship (WALTER BEZERRA DE MEDEIROS) about auto-hemotherapy. If you need to send a standard form or text, just send it and I will send it back.
I also reaffirm the gratitude of those who defend auto-hemotherapy for your commitment and dedication to this humanitarian cause.

* Walter Medeiros is the creator and administrator of:

  • site: Auto-hemotherapy - My blood heals me (1), considered National Reference by Rede Record in the matter - Know the benefits of auto-hemotherapy, available in Portal R7 and also on Youtube.
  • group on Facebook: Auto-hemotherapy - My blood heals me (2), which currently has more than 60,000 members.

1- http://www.rnsites.com.br/auto-hemoterapia.htm
2- https://www.facebook.com/groups/autohemoterapiatrataecura/

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